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Administration: Attaching notebooks and graphics files

To readers of this newsgroup and the Mathematica mailing list.

There have been a lot of problems with large notebooks or compressed
files being attached to mail messages.  In many cases the attachments
are too big to send out properly.  Others are compressed in such a way
that a given mail or news program will not process the file.

Therefore I am requesting that readers no longer attach large notebooks,
graphics files, or compressed files to their messages.  If you need to
post a notebook, send the smallest possible ascii file instead.  Cut
out all graphics in the notebook - that can be regenerated by the
reader if needed.

If you must post something large or non-ascii, contact me first and I
will find a way to get it on the web or put someplace where it can be
retrieved by interested readers.

If you do post something that is not readable, it is likely that I will
reject the message and request that you resubmit a more readable form.

I appreciate your understanding and assistance in this.  Comments are

Steve Christensen

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