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Help about version 3.0

	Hello, I am a Civil Engeniering Student at UNICAMP-BRASIL. (State
University of Campinas) ,Last year, I did a  work reseach about some
problems at Civil Enginieging
involving Diferential equations , then I used the version Mathematica 
2.2.3, some times I asked the  wolfram student support about how solve
any kind of diferential equations and  your help was very essencial for
my work. If you would like,
I can send  you the results by my reseach ( in Portuguese).  
	 Now, I am begin another reseach about Theory of thin Plates and
Shells, In  my new reseach I  need solve this diferential equation with
mathematica:( now,my university 
has the version 3.0).
DSolve[D[w[x,y],{x,4}]+2*D[D[w[x,y],{x,2}],{y,2}] +   

I know the mathematica is not be able to solve this Kind of PDE using
onky the DSolve so , I am searching for anybare working with PDE that
have any specific Package for solving Parcial Diferencial equations how
Laplace equation and Poisson equation , 

If you know anything about this subjects or know one person let me know


Fernando barreto

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