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Tab and DragAndDrop in V3

Hi Mathematica gurus,

I am a novice in Mathematica and I need help on a couple of points which
hopefully some of you out there can help to straighten out. My version
is Win95 V3.0.0.

1.	The tab key no longer functions as it used to. I would like it to 
function as a tab key like before. Yes, I did fiddle around with 	the
TabSpacing option in the Option Inspector but I don't seem to 	get it.
What am I missing?

2.	I am also having difficulties in getting the DragAndDrop option 	to
work. Yes, I did set it to True, but again it did not seem to 	work.
Any ideas?

3.	I notice that quite a few Front End functions and menu options 		are
not documented in the Help Browser (e.g., TabSpacing). So I 	sort of
just fiddle around. Can anybody direct me to some 		documentation
somewhere on such things?

Thank you

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