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Re: question on ErrorBar

Ben Yung wrote:
> I'm having trouble with using the ErrorBar option in the
> MultipleListPlot.  I have a list of datapoints {x,y}, as well as a list
> of errors {xerror, yerror}.  The syntax is as follows:
> MultipleListPlot[{{x1,y1},ErrorBar[{xerror1,yerror1}]},{{x2,y2},
> {{x2,y2},ErrorBar[{xerror2,yerror2}]},{etc.....}]
> Is their a convenient way to input my two lists?
> Thanks!

Assume a list of values and errors as below:

values={{1,2},{1,2},{2,3},{4,5},{6,7},{8,9},{0,1}}; errors=




So that the correct list for input to MultipleListPlot is



The syntax you asked for is given by



but I don't think this will work in MultipleListPlot.

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