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Re: Can anyone help me with these?

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  • Subject: [mg10953] Re: Can anyone help me with these?
  • From: Paul Abbott <>
  • Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 00:53:24 -0500
  • Organization: University of Western Australia
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Liam McAllister wrote:

>    1. The Binomial Coefficients
> may be computed in Mathematica by typing Binomial[n,r]. Apart from the
> fact that nC0=nCn=1 for all positive integers n, there are equalities
> like 4C2=6C1=6 which make it rather difficult to work out how many
> different numbers occur as binaomial coefficients nCr as n ranges from
> 1 to N (say) and r ranges from 0 to n. Write a function h[] which will
> compute this number. Then use ListPlot[] (with PlotJoined->True) to
> compare N with h[N] as N ranges from 1 to 20.


This wouldn't be a homework problems would it?  I think it really
defeats the purpose of setting such problems if you don't at least try
to do them yourself. In fact, I'll be somewhat disappointed if readers
of this group just dive in and answer your question.

BTW, it is quite likely that your Professor or TA reads this group :-)


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