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RE: Re: Active Plots

I would like to clarify what I think the orginal post was asking.

He (Bill) would like to read the coordinates of points *of the curve*,
which is a different request than just arbitrary points on a graph.  I
think what Bill desires is that the coordinates being read are confined
to the plot itself, insuring that the values given are solutions to the
plot.  Making it very usefull to quickly pick out points of interest on
a plot.

To give you a better idea of what Bill is asking check out the HP 48
calculator, PowerMac's built in graphing calculator or MathView (aka
Theorist), which also lets you jump from plot to plot (for multiple
plots) and also support non-linear axes.  Also, it would be nice for
the 'trace' to snap to points of interest (or change cursor looks).

>From: 	Bill Bertram[]
>Sent: 	Saturday, February 14, 1998 12:53 AM
>Subject: [mg11013] 	[mg10941] Re: Active Plots
>Paul Abbott wrote:
>> Larry C Linik wrote:
>> > After I have generated a plot I would like to be able to read the
>> > coordinates  of points of the curve using the mouse cursor.  Can this
>> > be done in  Mathematica? If so has any produced a package that does
>> > this?
>> This functionality is built-in. See section 1.3.4 of the Mathematica
>> book (as found by doing a search for coordinates in the Help Browser).
>Note however that this feature is useful only for plots whose axes are
>linear! For LogPlot, LogLogPlot etc, the position of the mouse curser
>does not give you the coordinate values of the point but their Log[10,
>     Bill

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