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Re: Sorting of Data Lists

Christopher wrote:

> I have two equal length vector sets of data.  I wish to form a third
> vector  whose elements are the minimum values from each component of
> the other two  vectors; i.e., if a(i) < b(i), then c(i) = a(i), else
> c(i) = b(i).  I have  tried many different methods within Mathematica
> 3.0 and have not been  successful.  I would appreciate any suggestions
> as to how to accomplish this  task.


Suppose your two equal-length vectors are a and b.

In[1]:=  c = Transpose[{a,b}];

In[2]:=  c/.{x_,y_} -> Min [{x,y}]

does the trick.

Tomas Garza
Mexico City

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