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Re: help

Chik Tai Wai David wrote:
> For example, I want to plot a line
> {1,10,100},{2,20,200},{3,30,300},{4,40,400},{5,50,500}.
> If I type
> ListPlot3D[{{1,10,100},{2,20,200},{3,30,300},{4,40,400},{5,50,500}}], it
> doesn't work. What's wrong ? I am using Mathematica 3.0 .
> David.

I typed in the code you gave me and it works.  Exactly what do you want
it to do?  One skill you can develop is to think and speak precisely. 
When you tell me that something "doesn't work", that could mean that it
crashes the program, generates an error message or just doesn't do what
you wanted.  In my opinion, it is inaccurate to say something "doesn't
work" if it functions but you wish it did something else.

I will guess that you wanted to plot lines rather that surfaces in 3-D
space.  In that case, you need the command ScatterPlot3D in the
Graphics`Graphics3D` package.  One warning, the AspectRatio->Automatic
doesn't produce satisfactory results often in this command so you will
need to set the value yourself as in:



In the future, please post questions to the mathgroup rather than to me
personally.  This gives you access to the expertise of the entire group
and lets everyone learn from your question. -- 
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