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Keyboard/Mouse macros in Mathematica 3.0 for Win95?

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  • Subject: [mg11048] Keyboard/Mouse macros in Mathematica 3.0 for Win95?
  • From: "L. Dwynn Lafleur" <>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 20:31:49 -0500
  • Organization: University of Southwestern Louisiana

I am using Mathematica 3.0 on the Win95 platform.  On many occasions, I
find myself repeatedly using the same set of keystrokes and mouse
actions, especially when typing a lot of documentation in text cells. 
One example of many: If I want to display the names of several
functions in boldface Courier, I repetitively perform the actions
corresponding to (1) select last typed word via Ctrl-Shift-Left_Arrow,
(2) convert to boldface via Ctrl-B, (3) select Format menu, (4) select
Font, (5) select Courier.  It would be nice to automate such steps.

I have tried Macro Magic, Keyboard Express, EZ Macros, and even the
lowly Recorder from Win 3.1.  Although each works to a degree, they all
fail when replaying keystrokes such as Ctrl-Left_Arrow or
Ctrl-Shift-Left_Arrow.  When entered manually in Mathematica, these
keystrokes move the cursor and and highlight the text over which it
passes.  When replayed by the above utitilities, the cursor moves but
the text is neither highlighted nor selected. 

Has anyone found a Win95 keyboard macro utility that works well in
Mathematica 3.0?  


=========================================== L. Dwynn Lafleur
Professor of Physics
The University of Southwestern Louisiana Lafayette, Louisiana  (USA)               

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