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Re: Sorting of Data Lists

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  • Subject: [mg11033] Re: Sorting of Data Lists
  • From: Paul Abbott <>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 20:31:33 -0500
  • Organization: University of Western Australia
  • References: <6camtn$> wrote:

> I have two equal length vector sets of data.  I wish to form a third vector
> whose elements are the minimum values from each component of the other two
> vectors; i.e., if a(i) < b(i), then c(i) = a(i), else c(i) = b(i).  

In[1]:= a=Table[Random[],{5}]
Out[1]= {0.771977,0.811453,0.917575,0.958207,0.582124}

In[2]:= b=Table[Random[],{5}]
Out[2]= {0.230583,0.394757,0.102314,0.225975,0.447643}

In[3]:= c=Min/@Transpose[{a,b}]
Out[3]= {0.230583,0.394757,0.102314,0.225975,0.447643}

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