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Re: Re: My own sum


does'nt it jump out that a "pure function" approach to dummy variables
in integration and summation would solve such problems? The syntactic
level is in fact a "humanoid" version of:
Sum[F[#],{#,-a,a}]& @ dummy
instead of 
as it "should" be.
Thomas Lemm has a point : a set of de-dummy-fying rules could in
principle be added to Mathematica. Or not?

At 20:31 18.02.98 -0500, you wrote:
>Thomas Lemm wrote:
>> I want to implement another type of Sum to treat expressions in a
>> "physical" manner. But I need to know how Mathematica tackles the
>> Problem:
>> Sum[F[x],{x,-a,a}]==Sum[F[y],{y,-a,a}]
>Sum[F[x], {x, -a, a}] == Sum[F[y], {y, -a, a}]
>Mathematica stops at the syntactical level.
>We need to buid in some way of making the syntactical forms to sam
>But we need to avoid variabel clashes and deal with depndencies amongst
>the summation variables.
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