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Re: 2nd level pure function

not so evident, but short:
(you shurely found it yourself by now!)

is the pure function you need:

Function[z,z+#1]& [a]


Function[z,z+#1]& [a][b]


At 00:53 14-02-98 -0500, richard nathan linger wrote:
>I am having a problem with explicit functions.  I am trying to write a
>procedure that returns a function that returns a function.  I would
>like to have it return this as a pure function.  I am not sure how to
>do this. 
>I will state this problem another way; I know that if f[a]=4+a, then as
>a pure function, f is analagous to Function[4 + Slot[1]].  I want to
>know how to represent f as a pure function when f[a][b]=a+b; 
>Nathan Linger
>University of Illinois
Dr. Wouter L. J. MEEUSSEN

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