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NDSolve question

	Hi, I trying to slove a differential equation of the following form:

F''' + F'F + (F'')^2 = 0

I have boundry conditions:

F(0) = F'(0) = 0
F'(infinity) = 1

My quesitons are two:  How can I convert my boundry condition at
infinity to a boundry condition a 0 (for F'') and I need to see all the
derivatives, i.e. F'(x), F''(x), F'''(x) and F(x).  When Mathematica
solves a differential  equation, how does it give the answer,  is it an
object, equation, array of numbers, etc.  If it is an array of numbers,
does it also return the lower order derivatives?

I am using mathematica version 3.0.  Another problem I am having is that
when I mage grammar mistakes, I get an error message which is good, but
after fixing the error, I get a whole new set of invalid error
messages, the reason I think they are invalid is that I can exit
Mathematica and re-enter and my program will run perfectly.  Are there
some error flags I need to  reset or should my system just re-evaluate
the expression and send me on my way?

Any help on any of these problems would be greatly appreciated.

Shayne C. Rich


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