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Re: Mathematica frustrations...

--On Thursday, February 19, 1998, 12:17 AM -0500 wrote: 

> One "feature" I find extremely frustrating is the  numbering  and
> evaluation   order  of  equations  in  notebooks.   When  I  edit
> something early in a notebook, I would like  Mathematica  to  re-
> evaluate the  rest  of  the  notebook,  and  always  perform  the
> notebook  evaluation in a straight top-to-bottom order.  Is there any
> way to set an option to get  it  to  behave  that  way?   For things 
> like  "%"  references  to  previous  results,  having the definition of
> "previous" depend on what  you  edited  last  seems crazy.   I guess I
> prefer the Mathcad way, in which evaluation is always in a well-defined
> order determined by page layout.

There is a menu item to evaluate an entire notebook (on the Windows
version at least) Kernel->Evaluate->Evaluate  Notebook.  In better
style, however, you should look at building functions and variables to
help with this. Therefore, you limit the dependencies across cells. You
can also put a number of sequential expressions in a single cell (end
the expressions with a semicolon) and then they will be evaluated in
order with the last expression's output appearing in the output cell
(if you want more that the last expression's output, you can use

Module[  {result1, result2, result3}, 
     result1 = expr ;
     result2 = expr ;
     result3 = expr ; 

This will evaluate the three expressions and then return their results in a
list. Notice there is no semicolon after the last expression since you want
that result displayed.
> Another  problem  is  that  Mathematica  seems  to   reset   plot
> parameters  at  random, particularly after erroneous edits.  I am using
> the  MultipleListPlot  and  ListPlot  functions  to  create graphs.  
> After  I  get  the  graph sized how I like it (with the mouse), I will
> sometimes try changing a  few  parameters  in  the graph.   If  I  make
> a typo and Mathematica can't understand the command, my graph will jump
> to some random different size once  I get the error fixed.

Under Windows, when you are resizing  a graph, the size is displayed in
the lower left corner. You can use this to input the size parameters in
your graph :

Plot[Sin[x],{x,1,2},ImageSize -> {300,600}, AspectRatio -> 2]

> Finally, I'm about to give up on getting reasonable Legends on my plots.
> Does  the  PlotLegend  option work for MultipleListPlot? Sometimes it
> will show a Legend for me, and sometimes it won't.

Have not done legends.

> FYI, I'm using Mathematica 3.0 on Linux.
> -Brett

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