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How to learn formatting options

I have invested enough time in learning and applying Mathematica
programming (Dave Wagner's book "Power Programming with Mathematica:
THE KERNEL" was the final AhhHah! for me) that I would now like to
understand better the front end notebook interface (on a PowerMac) for
Version 3. I have spent a long frustrating few weeks of spare time
trying to adjust default options in a new default style sheet; some
trivial things work as I expect (font color) and some things are still
a complete mystery (see below).

I have several questions for the group: 1) Is there anywhere (or will
there ever be) a useful manual for the notebook front end?

2) By way of simple example, can someone tell me in glorious detail
(meaning every mouse click and every key stroke) how to change the
global default (in a default style sheet) of the amount of space on
screen taken by a tab character? (Yes, I found the TabSpacings variable
in Text Options in Formatting Options, but I cannot seem to change it.)

3) As a tougher example, can someone tell me how to control the way
lines indent automatically when an expression wraps from the end of one
line to the next? (There are a lot of choices here, including
LinebreakAdjustments, LineIndent, AutoIndent, etc.)

Thank you in advance for any suggestions. -- 
Michael A. Johnson, Mail Stop L-463
Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Lab
7000 East Ave., P. O. Box 808
Livermore, CA 94551
Fax: (510) 422-6007

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