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Easy question: Infinite Series, Infinite Sequences

Hello, Mathematica users. I purchased my first version of Mathematica
(3.0.1) today and I am so impressed with it! Calculates pi to 1,000
decimal places instantly, does symbolic manipulations automatically ...
how have I ever lived without it?

Now I've got to learn to use the durned thing. The online system is
great and I'm learning how to use the front-end interface. I am
studying infinite series/sequences and I quickly learned how to find
the limit of a converging infinite sequence, as well as the sum of a
converging infinite series. I haven't been able to find a command which
outputs a list of the first n terms of some arbitrary sequence,
however. For instance, I am looking for something like:

(input)    ListSequence[1/2^k, {k, 0, 5}] (output)    {1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8,

Is this a function I will have to create myself, or have I just not
looked hard enough? Also, what advice do you salty oldtimers have for a
pink-cheeked newbie?


Brandon Burt

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