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Re: curve fitting wrote:
> I'm trying to fit a function of the form: f[x_]:= Exp^(a*x)
> Now, I can fit the exponential without the constant, but I'm really
> interested in knowing what the constant is but I haven't found a way to
> code this.   Helpful suggestions?
> Dr. Paul Hanson, Ph.D.
> University of Colorado, Boulder
> --
>                                  * *
>                                 *    *
>                            /\    */\*
>                           /  \   /  \ /\

Fitting transcendental equations using the built-in Fit command takes a
little bit of doing, and there is an example in section 3.8.1 of the
mathematica book with shows how to fit to Exp[a+b x].  You can also use
the NonlinearFit included in the add on packages.  The on-line help or
print "guide to standard add-on packages" shows how to use this
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