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HTMLSave & psrender

Hi all,

Mathematica 3.0 let me down when I tried to convert a Notebook to HTML.
My  problem seems to be with the resource files in 
SystemFiles/Graphics/SystemResources that apparently are loaded by
psrender  to create postscript dictionaries for the conversion of Math
boxes into GIF  graphics, and even to render EPS graphics via
Display["file.eps",  Plot[...],"EPS"]. The result, both for GIF
graphics and other formats, is  that psrender throws away any font
information from the source, and  substitutes in a DummyFont which
consists of big dots, defined in 
SystemFiles/Graphics/SystemResources/ Has anyone dealt with the
same  situation ... ?

On a related matter, the TeX output also is very incomplete and buggy in
3.0,  mostly because the style file notebook.sty doesn't define most of
the  Mathematica constructs that it outputs as TeX ... 

If you have experienced these problems and/or know of resolutions for
them  please let me know.



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