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Questions on MultipleListPlot

I am using MultipleListPlot to plot data previously acquired and stored
as space delimited numbers in newline delimited records. Using
"ReadList, RecordLists->True", it is easy to acquire the data as a list
of lists, where each element of an inner list is a two-element list
representing a data point. The length of the outer list and of the
inner lists is variable, depending on the particular data acquisition.


	data = { 
		{ {x11,y11},{x12,y12},{x13,y13} },
		{ {x21,y21},{x22,y22},{x23,y23} },
		{ {x31,y31},{x32,y32},{x33,y33} }

I am having two problems:

1) While ReadList easily acquires the data as a list of lists,
MultipleListPlot wants to see separate lists as separate arguments, ie.
"MultipleListPlot[list1,list2,list3, . . .], not
MultipleListPlot[{list1,list2,list3, . . .}]. Can anyone recommend a
method to feed a list of lists to MultipleListPlot?

2) Although I am taking data over a large range, I would like to graph
it over a smaller range using PlotRange to control the display. When I
do this, MultipleListPlot with PlotJoined->True only draws lines in the
selected range, but datapoints outside the range are displayed in the
area within the plot region but outside the range and axis, obiterating
the plot title. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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