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Re: Drawing multiple curves with ParametricPlot3D

Hi Volker,

> For plotting several objects together,  the documentation says:
>   ParametricPlot3D[{{fx,fy,fz},{gx,gy,gz},...},...]
> but
>   ParametricPlot3D[
>     {Evaluate[{r1x[t],r1y[t],r1z[t]}/.%],
>      Evaluate[{r2x[t],r2y[t],r2z[t]}/.%],{t,0,dt}},{t,0,dt}]
> doesn't work at all. 

No surprise, suppose You had dsol=NDSolve[some equations ...]

the command



NDSolve ives You a List[] of solutions so that in the case of more than
one solution x /. {{x->xs1},{x->xs2}} gives You a list of {xs1,xs2}. So
You must flatten out the output of NDSolve. Second Evaluate[] is needed
for the whole first argument -- so that the pattern matching for 
ParametricPlot3D[] can go to the case for more than one curve.

Hope that helps.


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