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My name is Saeed Esmaily, i'm a physic student using Mathematica 3.0.0
in my work. I have question which i hope someone out there can help me.
I have a set of 9 equations:

1) Sigma = 2*h*rho

2) Mdot = 2*Pi*r*Sigma*vr

3) fphi = (Mdot/(4*Pi*r^2*h))*((G*M*r)^(1/2)-beta*(G*M*ri)^(1/2))

4) F = (3*Mdot/(8*Pi*r^2))*(G*M/r)*(1-beta*(ri/r)^(1/2))

5) h =(P/rho)^(1/2)*(r^3/(G*M))^(1/2)

6) fphi = alpha*P

7) tau = kappa*Sigma

8) P = (a*T^4)/3

9) F = a*c*T^4/tau

solving simulataneously for (F,rho, Sigma, T, h, tau) this variablesmust
be functions of (r, Mdot, M). I have used many hours doing this without
the satisfying result.  

Any help apprieciated.

Regards Saeed

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