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Re: I don't understand in Mathematic

Hi --

it's not a bug it's a feature.

Your equation is simplifyed after You enter it. That is nessesary
because any expression must be ordered to make  simplifications like


to 16*x

the ordering is verry important to make the algebric rules work for the
expressions. So it is not a good idea to switch it of.

During this ordering of Your input x/x is canceled to 1 before Solve[]
see the result.

btw -- I hope You enter Solve[x/x+x==1,x] (double equal)

Hope that helps
> Hi,
> I'm 16 and I can't understand how I (why me?) found this bug in
> mathematica. It's such a silly thing:
> Solve [x/x+x=1, x] returns x=0 but if x=0 then x/x has no sence!
> Bye, ALok
> (Pls reply to my email:

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