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A delauney triangulation problem.

   i am not very well conversant with MAthematica. But I want to solve a
problem with the Mathematica. It is as follows.

   I have to draw a mesh of triangles. The mesh may not be isotropic in
2D( perfect 2D mesh = identical equilateral triangles joined to one
another forming a hexagonal lattice structure). The mesh I desire
mostly should consist of identical equilateral triangles joined to one
another but few of the triangles should be isosceles . This would
introduce inhomogeneity into the 2D lattice structure.
  I hope I have made myself clear. This is actually a practical problem
as we see such structures when magnetic field penetrates certain type
of Superconductors.
  If anyone can provide me some hints of how to progress I would be
extremely grateful.
  Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Nilay Saha
Kamerlingh Onnes Lab,
Leiden Univ,
2300RA Leiden,
Postbus : 9506

Phone: (0031)71 527 5476

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