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Importing and printing graphics files with Mathematica 3.0 ?


I'm using Mathematica 3.0 on a Windows NT4 machine and I have problems
with importing and printing graphics files from other applications. I
used for instance "insert object" to load a TIF file and it looked fine
on the screen. Unfortunately the graphics disappeared when I tried to
print it. Another time I tried to copy a PowerPoint graphics into
Mathematica using the clipboard. Again it looked okay on the screen,
but only a small fraction of it was printed. The rest was clipped off.

Also other file format related functions have their problems. I tried to
save a fairly complex notebook as HTML and it looked horrible.
Especially mathematical expressions were misaligned and some lines were
clipped off or wrapped at strange places. I also used the Display[]
function to save a notebook in PDF format. For simple notebooks it
worked but later AcrobatReader complained that there are some bad
BBoxes in some of the Mathematica fonts and used some replacement
fonts. However, because of that the notebook was totally unreadable.
For more complicated notebooks the Display[] function never finished
and I had to abort it.

I wonder if anyone else had similar problems and if there is a solution
to it. The mentioned functions would be very nice if they work, but as
it is they are only annoying.

    Axel Kowald


Dr. Axel Kowald                                     Email:
Humboldt University Berlin                          Tel:   +49 30
Innovationskolleg Theoretische Biologie             Fax:   +49 30
Invalidenstr. 43
10115 Berlin


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