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Re: ReplacePart question

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  • Subject: [mg13202] Re: ReplacePart question
  • From: "Allan Hayes" <hay at>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 07:42:51 -0400
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Here is one way round this. I give only  the full version - special
cases, for example when
expos is a single integer, or repos is omitted need extra code.

MyReplacePart[expr_, rep_, expos:{___List}, repos:{___List}]:=
 MapIndexed[f, expr,{0, Infinity}, Heads->True]/.
 Thread[f[_,#]&/@expos ->Extract[rep,repos]]/.f->(#&) ]


MyReplacePart[h[a][k[b[e]],c], {A,C,{E}}, {{1,1},{1,1,1},{0,1}},


Allan Hayes
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Leicester UK
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Walter Seaman wrote in message <6nkvd3$17k at>...
>Here is what m'ca ReplacePart  is supposed to do according to the online
>help and the manual:
>"ReplacePart[expr, new, pos, npos] replaces parts at positions pos in
>expr by parts at positions npos in new."
>For example:
>ReplacePart[{a, b, c,d},{x,y},{{1},{4}},2]  gives output
>which is ok. I cannot get m'ca to replace selected parts of expr with
>selected parts of new.  For example, suppose I want to take the list
>{a,b,c,d} and replace a with y and x with b.  It seems I should be able
>to use the command
>ReplacePart[{a, b, c,d},{x,y},{{1},{4}},{2,1}]
>but the output is
>  c,{x,y}\[LeftDoubleBracket]2,1\[RightDoubleBracket]}
>i.e. m'ca is looking for {x,y}[[1,2]] (which is not defined) and trying
>to replace it in positions 1 and 4.
>If I try
>ReplacePart[{a, b, c,d},{x,y},{{1},{4}},{{2},{1}}]
>I still get the output
>  c,{x,y}\[LeftDoubleBracket]{2},{1}\[RightDoubleBracket]}
>Can anyone tell me how to accomplish this selective replacement? Thanks,

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