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Mathmatica Problem...

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  • Subject: [mg14320] Mathmatica Problem...
  • From: "Mr D.J. Winstanley" <d.j.winstanley at>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 01:21:33 -0400
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Dear mathgroup,

We have just upgraded to release 3 of mathematica and we  have found a
problem with the Expand function as described in the mathematica
manual.  Here is the mathematica 3.0 output...

In[3]:= Expand[Cos[x]^3 Sin[x]^2,Trig->True]

              3       2
Out[3]= Cos[x]  Sin[x]

this is not the answer given in the manual, which is...

  Cos[x] - Cos[3 x] - Cos[5 x]
  ------   --------   --------
    8         16         16

We were led to believe that the new version was compatible with the
previous version.

Is there a switch to obtain compatibility???

Any comments on this would be appreciated.  Also who should I send this
to at Wolfram?

thanks for your help

David Winstanley
IT Services Manager
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department Room 1002, E&EE
Imperial College
Exhibition Road

Phone: 0171-594-6273 or extn. 46273
Fax:   0171-823-8125
E-mail: d.j.winstanley at

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