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Q: LinkInterrupt[link]

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  • Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 21:35:26 -0500
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Has one of you ever tried the example using LinkInterrupt[]  p. 659 of The
Book? It goes like this:

(* launch a new mathematica kernel and communicate with it through mathlink *)

In[1]:= l=LinkCreate["math -mathlink -linkmode
ParentConnect",LinkMode->Launch] Out[1]= LinkObject[math -mathlink -linkmode
ParentConnect, 1, 1]

(* read the first prompt from the link *)

In[2]:= LinkRead[l]
Out[2]= InputNamePacket[In[1]:= ]

(* let the new kernel do some lengthly calculation *)

In[3]:= LinkWrite[l,EnterTextPacket["FactorInteger[2^177-1]"]]

(* interrupt this calculation *)

In[4]:= LinkInterrupt[l]

(* read the interrupt menu prompt from the link *)

In[5]:= LinkRead[l]
Out[5]= MenuPacket[1, Interrupt> ]

Here the example stops.
Lets try to abort the calculation

In[6]:= LinkWrite[l,TextPacket["a"]]

(* read the output and the next prompt *)

In[7]:= LinkRead[l]
Out[7]= OutputNamePacket[Out[1]= ]

In[8]:= LinkRead[l]
Out[8]= ReturnTextPacket[$Aborted]

In[9]:= LinkRead[l]
Out[9]= InputNamePacket[In[2]:= ]

Everything works as one would expect.
Let's now try to trace a caluculation instead of aborting it:

(* start the lenghly calculation again and interrupt it *)

In[10]:= LinkWrite[l,EnterTextPacket["FactorInteger[2^177-1]"]]

In[11]:= LinkInterrupt[l]

In[12]:= LinkRead[l]

Out[12]= MenuPacket[1, Interrupt> ]

(* trace the calculation *)

In[13]:= LinkWrite[l,TextPacket["t"]]

(* read the output *)

In[14]:= LinkRead[l]
Out[14]= TextPacket[long multiplication]

In[15]:= LinkRead[l]
Out[15]= TextPacket[long multiplication]

In[16]:= LinkRead[l]

   LinkObject[math -mathlink -linkmode ParentConnect, 1, 1]
     is closed; the connection is dead.

Out[16]= $Failed

Why does the link die? what do I do wrong here ?

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