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Re: Problems with ContourPlot

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  • Subject: [mg16890] Re: Problems with ContourPlot
  • From: Jens-Peer Kuska <v-jkuska>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 02:24:26 -0400
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Hi Marco,

at first, a ContourGraphics[] stores only the height values of the
function *not* the lines  and polygons. 
Second, since the Graphics[ConourGraphics[__]] conversion generates Lines[]
 *and* Polygons it will not help to combine both. The polygons of the
second plot 
will hide the polygons of the first one. 

You may combine the *contour lines* of of two ContourPlots[] simply by

Show[Graphics @ Cases[Graphics[#], _Line, Infinity] & /@  {Fig1, Fig2}]

You may add custom colors (black and red here) with

Show[Graphics @ 
      {{RGBColor[0, 0, 0], RGBColor[1, 0, 0]} , 
        Cases[Graphics[#], _Line, Infinity] & /@  {cp1, cp2}}]]

Hope that helps

Marco PULLIA wrote:
> Hello to everybody,
> I have a couple of questions for you experts:
> 1) I have produced two ContourPlots and I would like to show
>    them overlapped. I have tried
>    Fig1=ContourPlot[f1[x,y], {x,xmin,xmax}, {y,ymin,ymax},
>                     PlotRange->{zmin,zmax}]
>    Fig2=ContourPlot[f2[x,y], {x,xmin,xmax}, {y,ymin,ymax},
>                     PlotRange->{zmin,zmax}]
>    Show[Fig1,Fig2]
>    but it does not work. The problem is that the range in y is not
>    {ymin, ymax} but a much smaller one (0 to 10^-7), thus I just see
>    a useless part of it. How can I do that?
> 2) I generally use ContourShading -> False in order to get just some
>    curves. Is it possible to draw these curves in a color different from
>    black?
> 3) Is it possible to obtain the numerical values of points of the
>    iso-value curves? And to find the values of the constant expression?
> Thank you in advance
> Marco Pullia

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