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Reading data.

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  • Subject: [mg21076] Reading data.
  • From: Madhusudan Singh <chhabra at>
  • Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 23:51:43 -0500 (EST)
  • Organization: University of Michigan EECS
  • Sender: owner-wri-mathgroup at

I have a data file with 7 columns and 100 rows. How do I import data from
that into 7 different arrays in Mathematica ? The data is in exponential
form and is tab separated. Top few rows are shown at the end of this

The cut and paste has junked up the things a bit. But there are 7 columns
and 100 or so rows.

Second question : how do I do a linear fit of of one column as x and
another as y ?

What is the format of such an output ?

I will really be thankful if you could send a CC to me at my email

0.0000e+000 6.7997e-008 6.6600e-008
6.5647e-008 8.1898e-008 7.3298e-008 7.4098e-008 5.0000e-002 4.4075e-006
5.7823e-006 7.1519e-006 8.5039e-006 9.8050e-006 1.1095e-005 1.0000e-001
8.4746e-006 1.1215e-005 1.3955e-005 1.6655e-005 1.9270e-005 2.1845e-005
1.5000e-001 1.2280e-005 1.6380e-005 2.0484e-005 2.4525e-005 2.8455e-005
3.2339e-005 2.0000e-001 1.5840e-005 2.1280e-005 2.6749e-005 3.2134e-005
3.7385e-005 4.2574e-005 2.5000e-001 1.9155e-005 2.5920e-005 3.2749e-005
3.9484e-005 4.6050e-005 5.2549e-005 3.0000e-001 2.2255e-005 3.0310e-005
3.8499e-005 4.6574e-005 5.4475e-005 6.2283e-005 3.5000e-001 2.5130e-005
3.4470e-005 4.4005e-005 5.3430e-005 6.2659e-005 7.1775e-005 4.0000e-001
2.7805e-005 3.8380e-005 4.9269e-005 6.0035e-005 7.0583e-005 8.1047e-005
4.5000e-001 3.0310e-005 4.2060e-005 5.4285e-005 6.6396e-005 7.8313e-005
9.0085e-005 5.0000e-001 3.2680e-005 4.5525e-005 5.9079e-005 7.2539e-005
8.5767e-005 9.8884e-005 5.5000e-001 3.4915e-005 4.8764e-005 6.3639e-005
7.8443e-005 9.3050e-005 1.0745e-004 6.0000e-001 3.7024e-005 5.1789e-005
6.7990e-005 8.4128e-005 1.0007e-004 1.1580e-004 6.5000e-001 3.9050e-005
5.4605e-005 7.2118e-005 8.9590e-005 1.0685e-004 1.2395e-004 7.0000e-001
4.0984e-005 5.7219e-005 7.6015e-005 9.4861e-005 1.1350e-004 1.3190e-004

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