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Interpolation of boat hulls

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  • Subject: [mg16143] Interpolation of boat hulls
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  • Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 03:23:10 -0500
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>Any ideas on curves I might use to generate these templates? I've done a
>search at on 'boats' and had no hits. I've not seen any
>other question quite like this on the list. Sorry, if I'm too far out of
>band. Thanks.
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There is a boat hull example shown in
This was done using the Interpolation function to create smooth curves
through the points read from the table of offsets for a hull.
Here is the table that produced the dory hull in the above example. You may
need to get a book on boatbuilding
to learn how to read the table, but these are basically the XYZ coordinates
of points on the hull at the stations. You don't need Mathematica
to plot these, just a tape measure, and a sheet of paper, but spending
a rainy Saturday plotting these on your laptop is much nicer than cleaning
the garage
in preparation for your project.

(* Offsets of 16' Swampscott Dory
in units of {feet,inches,eighths} *)

scale=34.0/1.260; (* plans scale factor *)

(* Heights in following order: {bottom,sta1,sta2,sta3,sta4,sheer} *)
hstem= {{0,5,0},{1,4,4},{1,8,1 },{1,11,0},{2,2,0},{2,4,5 }};
hsta1= {{0,3,4},{0,7,2},{0,10,0},{1,1,3 },{1,6,0},{1,10,6}};
hsta2= {{0,2,0},{0,4,0},{0,6,6 },{0,10,2},{1,3,2},{1,8,6 }};
hsta3= {{0,2,3},{0,4,4},{0,6,4 },{0,9,4 },{1,2,5},{1,8,5 }};
hsta4= {{0,3,4},{0,8,2},{0,10,4},{1,1,4 },{1,5,4},{1,10,5}};
hstern={{0,4,2},{1,1,4},{1,4,6 },{1,8,2 },{2,0,1},{2,3,5 }};

(* Widths  in order: {bottom,sta1,sta2,sta3,sta4,sheer} *)
wstem= {{0,0,0},{0,0,0},{0,0,0},{0,0,0},{0,0,0 },{0,0,0 }};
wsta1= {{0,6,1},{1,0,1},{1,4,0},{1,7,2},{1,9,6 },{1,10,4}};
wsta2= {{1,0,0},{1,4,2},{1,9,2},{2,1,0},{2,3,2 },{2,4,0 }};
wsta3= {{1,0,2},{1,4,3},{1,8,4},{2,0,5},{2,3,7 },{2,4,4 }};
wsta4= {{0,4,7},{1,0,0},{1,3,5},{1,6,7},{1,10,1},{1,10,7}};
wstern={{0,1,1},{0,6,2},{0,8,0},{0,9,7},{0,10,4},{0,9,6 }};

(* Longitudinal station locations *)

(* Longitudinal locations of stem for bottom->sheer *)
lstem={{0,29,4},{0,.359*scale,0},{0,.208 * scale,0},
{0,.111*scale,0},{0,.058 * scale,0},{0,0,0}};

 (* Longitudinal locations of stern for bottom ->sheer *)
lstern={{0,165,0},{0,165+.415 * scale,0},{0,165+.560*scale,0},
{0,165+.689*scale,0},{0,165+.871 * scale,0},{16,1,0}};

Dr. Christopher J. Purcell
DREA, 9 Grove St. Dartmouth NS B2Y3Z7

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