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Re: Problems with creating EPS-Files

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  • Subject: [mg18092] Re: Problems with creating EPS-Files
  • From: paulh at (P.J. Hinton)
  • Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 12:26:33 -0400
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In article <7k4p8u$d1k at>, luis8477 at writes:

> I created some graphics with Mathematica (3.0). What I want to do then
> is to export the graphics into eps-file for later use with LaTeX.
> I found 2 ways to realize it:
> a) Simple click on the graphic. Right mouse button -> Save selection
> as... -> EPS. This works fine, but I find the graphic in the eps-file
> not where the bounding box is (or vice versa as you like it).

What version of Mathematica 3.0 are you using?  If you are using an 
early release of the notebook front end, there is a known problem
with the calculation of the bounding box for front-end generated EPS
files.  To see if you are using such a version, paste the following
expression into a notebook and click "Yes" when the front end asks
you whether it should attempt to interpret it.

Cell[TextData[ValueBox["$FullVersion"]], "Text"]

if the first three numbers of the version are 3.0.0, then you are 
probably running into the problem described above.

The fix is to replace a text resource file in your Mathematica
installation with a different version from our website.

> b) Then I rtfm. And I learned about a command called "Display".
> If I use it like this:
> gr=Plot[Sin[x],{x,-2,2}]
> Display["epsfile.eps",gr,"EPS"]
> it works fine. But I have a more complex graphic with axeslabels an a
> Plotlabel and also a PlotLegend (actually I'm using "MultipleListPlot").
> The moment I try to include text into my graphic the file is often
> not saved to disk correctly. Example:
> gr=Plot[Sin[x],{x,-\[Pi],\[Pi]},PlotLabel->"sin(x)",
>     AxesLabel->{\[Pi],\[Alpha](x)}]
> Display["epsfile.eps",gr,"EPS"]
> What happens? If I start the windows explorer (I work with NT4) I find a
> epsfile.eps with size 0 that can't be removed because it seems to be
> used by another program (mathematica I guess). Ok. If I then quit the
> kernel the eps-file grows to a certain size, can be removed and also
> watched with gsView. The bounding box is ok, but the graphic is not
> complete (i.e. it lacks the curve of the function and sometimes also
> the text of my labels).
> Can anybody tell me why encounter this problems? Or how I can bring the
> bounding box of the eps-file to the right place?

EPS files generated with this method use a MathLink program named psrender
Among other things, psrender translates the abbreviated Mathematica PostScript 
emitted by the kernel into EPS.  You may be able to download an updated version
of this executable from our Technical Support department.  Contact them for 
more information.

P.J. Hinton	
Mathematica Programming Group		paulh at
Wolfram Research, Inc.
Disclaimer: Opinions expressed herein are those of the author alone.

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