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Re: Preventing plotting on output

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  • Subject: [mg20139] Re: [mg20090] Preventing plotting on output
  • From: "David Park" <djmp at>
  • Date: Sat, 2 Oct 1999 03:05:01 -0400
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Adam Smith wrote:

>I know I could find the answer to this if I looked hard enough through
>the Help and/or Manual, but I am certain one of the experts out there
>will have the solution immediately.
>I want to construct some plots and then display them combined on one
>graph.  The Plot[] for each individual plot is fairly lengthy and I was
>hoping to save some space by replacing the "DisplayFunction->Identity"
>with a single word like "nodisp".  In the final Show[] I would then
>turn the display back on with the
>usual "DisplayFunction>$DisplayFunction" (maybe even equate it with a
>single term like "disp").
>Here is a simplified example of what I quickly tried without success
>nodisp = DisplayFunction -> Identity
>graph1 = Plot[Sin[2 Pi x],{x,0,2},nodisp]     Error messages show up
>graph2 = Plot[Sin[4 Pi x],{x,0,2},nodisp]
>Show[{plot1,plot2},DisplayFunction -> $DisplayFunction]
>I realize I could use SetOptions[] to temporarily turn off and turn on
>display, but defining nodisp seems more natural and intuitive to me.
>Adam Smith


My graphics packages, DrawingPaper and DrawingCube, available at my web site below,
may be useful to you. The principle object of the packages is to make it easy to
combine various kinds of graphics in one statement. You use statements like Draw and
ContourDraw instead of Plot and ContourPlot, and there is only one final display.
Many different plots, graphics primitives and graphics directives can be combined in
one statement. Things behave more predictably and transparently than the regular
Mathematica paradigm. The package also contains DoShow and DontShow statements which
are in line with what you are discussing. However you will seldom need to use them.

David Park
djmp at

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