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Re: StylePrint problem

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  • Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 00:13:59 -0400
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Dana DeLouis schrieb:
> Hello.  I am trying to learn Programming in Mathematica 4.  I am also studying math
> problems.
> If I know that I am going to do  30+ problems at the end of a chapter, I
> want to avoid typing in the text..Problem #1, Problem #2, etc
> I found this example in the "Tour of Mathematica" section of "The
> Mathematica Book."
> Do[StylePrint["Problem # " <> ToString[i], "Section"], {i, 10}]
> Which works...kind of.  After the above prints out correctly, I move the
> cursor between say Problem #4, and Problem #5 to begin solving Problem #4.
> As soon as I hit enter, all the output from Problem #5, down to  the last
> one is deleted!
> Does anyone do anything similar?  Is there another command that I should be
> using instead.  I  have looked for a long time.  Thank you for any insight /
> solution.  Dana

Hello Dana,

there have been some replies to your question (which immediatly come to
mind after having inspected the Help function), namely to set the Option
CellAutoOverwrite -> False.

Perhaps this will suffice to your purpose, but I noticed that if you
Plot something (inbetween your Section headlines) the Plot output will
show up behind the very end of all sections you generated with your
command, i.e. still not where you expect that. (To the contrary Print
shows up at "the right place".)

I think this is the consequence of another Option of StylePrint, namely
GeneratedCell -> True. I suppose this had been set so, such as to
generate the boxes in "the right order". But if you do

Do[StylePrint[StringJoin["Problem # ", ToString[i]], "Section", 
   GeneratedCell -> False, 
   CellAutoOverwrite -> False], {i, 10, 1, -1}]

(look at the iterator!) then everything should come fine, as then you'll
have all the same Options as if your Sections were generated by hand.

Kind regards, Hartmut

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