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rotating labels

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  • Subject: [mg21423] rotating labels
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  • Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 01:46:38 -0500 (EST)
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Hello everyone,

So, here is quite a big problem I might as you for if someone has the

this is a 3D bar chart I should have

BarChart3D[{9.46, 7.75, 8.42,10.58, 10.33,9.50, 12.08  },{10.83,4.85,
7.54, 8.77, 10.23, 9.00, 16.46, 14.15},{1.83,4.45, 6.54, 3.77, 13.23,
9.99, 12.46, 24.15},
 BarSpacing -> -.3, BarGroupSpacing -> 3,
 BarStyle -> {GrayLevel[.6], Hue[0]},
 BarEdgeStyle ->
 BarLabels ->
{"bagatellization","diminuation by means","guilt defense","diversion
from","compensatory satisfaction","search for
selfconfirmation","attempts at situ control"},   %%%%% for the axis
  {"group1","group2","group3"},				%%%% for the y axis
 PlotLabel -> "Stresscoping Questionaire",
 DefaultFont -> {"Helvetica", 9}]

how can I rotate these labels at the x axis for
"bagatellization","diminuation by means of","guilt defense", etc.  in
the graphics below to be parallel to the y-axis

the y axis of this plot should be y=1: group1 , y=2: group2, y=3:group3

ii) the next question is plotting with statistics

I need to plot these values with a plot with vertical bars for the the
standard deviation (in paranthesis). I guess this gives a wrong syntax

cortmore={9.98(2.4),9.0 (4.1), 8.52 (1.2), 8.33(1.4),
6.95(2.4),6.95(2.4),6.90 (3.1)}

ListPlot[cort,AxesLabel -> {"t in mins","cortisol g/ dl"},
	 PlotJoined -> True]

I need to put three measurements into these plots each.

cortmore={9.98,9.0, 8.52, 8.33, 6.95,6.95,6.90};
ListPlot[cort,AxesLabel -> {"t in mins","cortisol g/ dl"},
	 PlotJoined -> True]

question: even  without statistics this makes a useles plot, because
these seven values should be mapped at the x axis with x at 1 : 17 mins,
x=2:34 mins, x=3: 51 mins etc... and should not read just 1,2,3,4,5 and
finished !!

thanks , sincerely yours  Balakrsna

Balakrishna von Wechmar, MD, Ph.D.
Vaisnava Vedanta Medical Research Foundation , Los Angeles and Zurich

e-mail ikbholi at 	Balakrsna at


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