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Re: Re: Problem with Rasters & Density Plots

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  • Subject: [mg21412] Re: [mg21398] Re: Problem with Rasters & Density Plots
  • From: Maarten.vanderBurgt at
  • Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 01:46:29 -0500 (EST)
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I had a similar problem in the past. I dug up an 'old' message from January
last year. As you can see, in my case the black density plot  had nothing
to do with a mesh setting.


Maarten.vanderBurgt at on 26-01-99 07:44:27 PM

Subject: [mg21412]  [mg15538] Re: ListDensityPlot gives PostScript error

Tom, Paul, Rolf,

My ListDensityPlot went wrong with any simple array. It had nothing to
do with a mesh being too fine or so.
Reducing the number of colors from 24 bit to 16 bit as suggested by Tom
below did solve the problem.
For some reason ListDensityPlot  has problems with 24 bit colors on
some/all(?) systems.

Thanks for your help,



Maarten van der Burgt

R&D Department

ICOS Vision Systems
Esperantolaan 9
B-3001 Leuven
tel.    + 32 16 398220       direct  + 32 16 398316     fax.    + 32 16
e-mail: maarten.vanderburgt at


tburton at (Tom Burton) on 19-01-99 12:16:27 AM

Please respond to tburton at

Subject: [mg21412] [mg15538]  Re: ListDensityPlot gives PostScript error


I get this error on my Windows 95 machine only with 24-bit ("true")
color. I avoid it by reducing my color to 16-bit.

Hope this helps.


On 18 Jan 1999 05:03:09 -0500, in comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica you

>I have a problem making a ListDensityPlot. When I execute
>ListDensityPlot[array] I get a completely black plot and the system
>beeps.  "The Why the Beep?" function in the Help menu gives then "There
>was an error in the PostScript code of the last PostScript cell
>ListDensityPlot has worked properly on my system in the past. Does
>anyone have any suggestion where to look for the origin of this problem
>and how to fix it?
>I have Mathematica 3.0.1 running  under Windows NT4.
>thanks a lot
>Maarten van der Burgt

Tom Burton        Brahea, Inc.       760/436-7436

Jens-Peer Kuska <kuska at> on 04-01-2000 08:12:31 AM

Subject: [mg21412]  [mg21398] Re: Problem with Rasters & Density Plots


set the Mesh-Option to false.

I assume you have images with pixels > 200 x 200
Matheamtica try to draw black mesh lines and the mesh
lines erase the density graphics below.

Hope that helps

KCConnolly at wrote:
> I'm running Mathematica 3.0, and have just noticed that the Raster,
> Array, and Density Plot commands return all black graphics, regardless of
> color directives I use.  I would assume that I'm doing something wrong,
> for the fact that the graphics for these topics in my interactive version
> the Mathematica book also turn up all black.  All other graphics (contour
> graphics, 3D graphics, etc.) work fine:  it's just these that are a
> I haven't had occasion to use these features since I upgraded (?) my
> operating system from Win 95 to Win 98 a month ago, so I'm not sure if
> related to that, to Y2K, or some other reason.  Any suggestions would be
> much appreciated.
> Kevin Connolly

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