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re:Is it possible to plot a point in time on the same graph in Mathematica

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  • Subject: [mg25929] re:Is it possible to plot a point in time on the same graph in Mathematica
  • From: "Tielo Jongmans" <t.jongmans at>
  • Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 03:04:26 -0500 (EST)
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Several people have written questions on this subject.
I imagine one possible solution would be to use MathLink or JLink to export
plotdata to an external program to display the plot in a separate
non-Mathematica window. Something like callExternalListPlot[plotVertices] or
callExternalPlot3D[triangles]. Obviously you would lose the native
capabilities of Mathematica to format and enhance these plots.
I would be prepared to investigate the possibility of doing a very basic
implementation of this idea with an external interface written in C++ using
OpenGl. I would appreciate help in specifying, testing and documenting this,
as well as in developing the Mathematica-side functions to support this (my
productivity in mathematica-code is lousy, something like one line a day).
Is anyone interested in pursuing this further? My condition would be that
the result would have to be freeware.

Kind regards,
Tielo Jongmans
t.jongmans at

>In article <8tofbp$j2b at>, siegman at says...
> In article <8t65c7$eif at>, H Shou <H.Shou at>
> wrote:
> > Dear Sir:
> >
> > .........
> > Is it possible to plot a point a time on the same graph in
> > Mathematica so that I can watch the progress instead of
> > keeping on waiting.
> >
> > Henry Shaw
> I will be *very* interested to see what answers you get on this, because
> I think the answer is essentially NO -- and this is perhaps *THE* single
> most serious weakness of Mathematica as a teaching and display tool.
> That is, you can't "write to the screen" to put a new plot into an
> existing on-screen plot in Mathematica because Mathematica graphics are
> fundamentally built around PostScript, and PostScript involves fully
> creating a plot, and only then displaying it.
> ................
.>The ability to plot 'on the fly' is probably the greatest gap in
.>Mathematica's general effectiveness. In my case, understanding space
.>curves which cycle back and forth throughout a region. When these are
.>plotted point by point what is happening is often clear. When presented
.>as a finished plot it's just a ball of yarn.

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