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Re: Bug: Mathematica 4.0 vs. Win2k on ThinkPad

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  • Subject: [mg25944] Re: [mg25931] Bug: Mathematica 4.0 vs. Win2k on ThinkPad
  • From: "Mark Harder" <harderm at>
  • Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 02:40:20 -0500 (EST)
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My impression is that there have been some problems with Mathematica that
are specific to Win2k systems; i.e. they didn't occur on WinNT systems.  One
thing that hasn't been tried in your case is running your Mathematica 4.0.2
on a think-pad with WinNT.  Can you get a friend, dealer, or IBM itself to
try this with you?

Another thought: What is the pointing device on the ThinkPad? Could your
problem have to do with a non-standard pointing device (eg. that little red
joystick thing on the keypad)? Maybe there are alternative drivers out there
that will interface better with Mathematica and/or Win2K.  I ask this
because I think there are lots of steps the operating system must carry out
to decode the screen position of the pointer based on pointer motion, then
decode intra-window position based on the desktop display, then pass this
info to Mathematica, which has to be able to use that info to detect the "pointer
entering/leaving" events that depend on pointer position, etc., prior to
changing the screen display appropriately, so its easy to imagine the bug
lying in the pointer driver info somewhere.

-mark harder

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From: John Jeppson <jepp at>
To: mathgroup at
Subject: [mg25944] [mg25931] Bug: Mathematica 4.0 vs. Win2k on ThinkPad

>Can anyone confirm (or refute) this bug I'm getting.
>Mathematica 4.0.0  (or 4.0.2)
>Windows 2000
>IBM Thinkpad T20   (machine type 2647)
>Fail Case:
>1.)   Open a new blank notebook
>2.)   Type:    2 + 2
>3.)   Run it.   -->  Output line says:  4
>4.)  Now move the cursor over the window. While over the input or
>output text, the cursor should be a vertical bar with little  v's at
>top and bottom.  Over the area between the input and output lines the
>cursor should flip over on its side and become a horizontal bar
>indicating the location where you can insert a new cell.
>5.)  On my machine this does NOT happen. The cursor won't change by
>moving around within the text areas of the notebook window (although
>it does change shape over the window frame and the little brackets
>that lie along the right side of the notebook cells).
>Wolfram tech support has been unable to duplicate this because they
>apparently don't have an IBM ThinkPad running w2k.  My machine itself
>has been back to IBM and declared okay, but still has this bug.
>It does not seem to  be my CDROM disk since I can reinstall 4.0 on my
>Dell desktop (Windows 98) and it works correctly, and Wolfram tech
>support sent me another disk (4.0.2) which acts just the same.
>It can't very well be a program conflict because my machine was
>completely reinitialized by IBM to the original factory state, and
>Mathematica was the first and only program installed.

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