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Re: lists w/o double brackets

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  • Subject: [mg31449] Re: [mg31436] lists w/o double brackets
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  • Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 05:29:09 -0500 (EST)
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In a message dated 2001/11/5 4:52:18 AM, gbrennen at writes:

>I am using the function FindRoot with a large number of simultaneous 
>   FindRoot[eqs,initialvals]
>I have a function for generating the equations which works fine as a list
>input in FindRoot, however I am having difficulty creating a function for
>generating initialvals that will be accepted by FindRoot.  The problem
>seems to be that FindRoot demands a format
>   FindRoot[{eq1,eq2,...,eqn},{var1,val1},{var2,val2},...,{varn,valn}]
>the variables and initial values of which must appear as a list without
>double brackets.  The function I have for generating the initial values
>always outputs the list as follows
>   Input
>       initialvals
>   Output
>       {{var1,val1},{var2,val2},...,{varn,valn}}.
>Note the double brackets which FindRoot will not accept.
>I have tried using
>  initialvals2=StringReplace[ToString[initialvals], {"{{" -> "{", "}}"
>which eliminates the double brackets, however FindRoot will not accept
>stings as input for the variables and upon converting back to an Expression
>   ToExpression[initialvals2]
>the double brackets return.
>Is there a solution to this without having to manually cut and paste the
>output of my expression for initialvals without the double brackets into

Use Sequence and Evaluate

varVal = Table[
      {ToExpression["x"<>ToString[n]], 1}, 

  Evaluate[Sequence @@ varVal]]

{x1->2., x2->3., x3->4.}

Bob Hanlon
Chantilly, VA  USA

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