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RE: How to transform x axis on ListPlot?

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  • Subject: [mg33159] RE: [mg33140] How to transform x axis on ListPlot?
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  • Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 01:55:36 -0500 (EST)
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> Subject: [mg33159] [mg33140] How to transform x axis on ListPlot?
> Greetings cypherists, I have another problem that I bring up 
> only after a long time of putting up with no solution.  I 
> have a list which I plot but the integer x axis of the plot 
> is not scaled to suit me. Each position in the list results from some
> increment of a variable which I'd like to represent on the 
> graph.  About all I've been able to do so far is to rig up 
> the list so that each entry in the array/list being plotted 
> represents some integer multiple of the actual variable so 
> things don't get
> too confusing.  For example:
> x=Table[Sin[z],{z, 3.0, 0.01}];
> ListPlot[x]
> The plot looks nice but the x axis goes from 0 to 300 and I'd 
> like it to go from say, 0 to 600 (MHz).  Surely this is 
> easily done but I haven't found a single example of this in 
> the books or in reviewing the posts on this ng.
> Options[ListPlot] doesn't help me either.
> This is no problem when using Plot[] on a continuous variable.
> Help appreciated as usual.  Thanks.
> Rob



In[37]:= Subscript[t, 0] = Pi/600.
x = Table[{\[Omega], Sin[\[Omega]*Subscript[t, 0]]}, {\[Omega], 0, 600, 2}];

In[39]:= ListPlot[x]

However for this, I'd prefer to take less samples and use option PlotJoined
-> True. Depends on your application.


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