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Re: Information about subscripted function

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  • Subject: [mg53116] Re: Information about subscripted function
  • From: "Steve Luttrell" <steve_usenet at>
  • Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 05:59:03 -0500 (EST)
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<seb at> wrote in message news:cqefl3$kr1$1 at
> In article <cqbh5h$4jd$1 at>, Steve Luttrell wrote:
>> You need to use the Notation package to Symbolize your function. Copy the
>> ...
>> CAVEAT: when you use Symbolize (and other functions in the Notation 
>> package)
>> you should enter it using the Notation palette that appears when you 
>> execute
>> <<Utilities`Notation`, rather than entering it manually. This is because
>> there is some hidden tagbox information that is generated.
> thanks,
> Symbolize is what I wanted! On equestion: what to do if I close the
> pallete by a mistake, load the package again ?
> I've also found a usefull function:
> SymbolizeSubscript[f_, k_] :=
>  Symbolize[NotationBoxTag[SubscriptBox[ToString[f], ToString[k]]]]
> By the way, the  Symbolize function seems to be so obviuos and
> useful, why it is hidden so "deep" in ExtraPackages instead
> of being a standard function of Math ?
> cheers
> Seb

Here is a Cell expression (paste it into a notebook) that contains a button 
that does what you need. This is a slightly modified version of the button 
already on the notation palette that loads the longer/shorter version of the 
notation palette (which is inaccessible if you inadvertently close the 
notation palette!). You can put this button in any place that is handy for 

        RowBox[{"Notation", "\[NonBreakingSpace]", "Palette"}],
      ButtonFunction:>(FrontEndExecute[ {

            FrontEnd`ToFileName[ {$TopDirectory, "AddOns",
              "ExtraPackages", "Utilities", "Palettes", "English",
      Background->RGBColor[0.100008, 0.100008, 0.4],
      ButtonNote->"NotationPalette"]], "Input",
  CellMargins->{{Inherited, Inherited}, {0, Inherited}},

Steve Luttrell 

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