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Re: How smooth graphs?

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  • Subject: [mg61454] Re: [mg61385] How smooth graphs?
  • From: Murray Eisenberg <murray at>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 02:17:05 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: Mathematics & Statistics, Univ. of Mass./Amherst
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Thanks to suggestions from several folks, my colleague did the following 
to eliminate the apparent anti-aliasing of his plots:

   "...I am using os x.  Did the plotting at 200, reset to 100, and then
   exported to QuickTime and dragged onto Keynote.  It worked well.  The
   graph is significantly less jagged when viewing the QuickTime movies
   side by side on the screen.  Thanks  ... to the poster for this useful
   idea.  Plan to use it again."

Murray Eisenberg wrote:
> A colleague, L.J. Moffitt, asked me how the graphs produced by the 
> following code might be smoothed so as to avoid the jaggedness, 
> especially the "staircasing".
> (This is going to be projected, and at a typical projection resolution 
> of 1024 x 768, it looks even worse.)
> I tried all sorts of ploys, like drastically increasing PlotPoints and 
> PlotDivision; lowering the Thickness in PlotStyle; and even breaking up 
> the domain into two subintervals, one where the graph is more level and 
> the other where the graph is rising rapidly.  Nothing seemed to help.
>   p[x_, L_] := (50.*L)/((1000. - 1.*x)*(-9.025*^8 + L + 1000.*x^2))
>   <<Graphics`Animation`
>   Animate[
>     Plot[p[x,L],{x, 0, 950},
>        PlotStyle->{AbsoluteThickness[3]},
>        PlotRange->{.1,.7},
>        AxesLabel->{"Inspection Rate","Robustness"},
>        PlotPoints->10000, PlotDivision->50,
>        AxesStyle->{RGBColor[0,0,1],Thickness[0.02]},
>        ImageSize->600,
>        Background->RGBColor[.1,.2,.7]],
>    {L,1000000000., 1000000000.+700000000., 10000000}]
> Any suggestions that I might pass along to him?

Murray Eisenberg                     murray at
Mathematics & Statistics Dept.
Lederle Graduate Research Tower      phone 413 549-1020 (H)
University of Massachusetts                413 545-2859 (W)
710 North Pleasant Street            fax   413 545-1801
Amherst, MA 01003-9305

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