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Re: Re: Re: Memory operations

sir_puding at wrote:
>>I vote for changing the way you work.
>>From my experience, For is the slowest loop in Mathematica.
>>Add it to the way that mathematica manage memory with apend, and I think you
>>will find it hard to make a less efficient program.
> So, i think you can suggest best how to organize FIFO (or LIFO) query  in
> Mathematica(TM).
> Problem is that i do not know how many results from operations I'll
> get (for example multiple root finding).
> TNX.
> Sergey

Use Sow/Reap.

If you really need to work with stacks, queues, and the like, I showed 
Mathematica code for some of this in a conference talk/notebook several 
years ago. It should be located at:

So far as I can tell, alas, it is not there. I'll see if I can find out 
why it faded from sight. Ahhh, here it is.

Daniel Lichtblau
Wolfram Research

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