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  • Subject: [mg73835] [mg73835] Regression
  • From: Anurag <anurag_uor at>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2007 06:17:30 -0500 (EST)

I am doing regression using mathematica. The code is
simple. I define a polynomial. Read the data points
from a file. I make sure that there are 27 data points
in the file and all the 27 data points are unique.

polynomial = Flatten[Table[x^i y^j z^k, {i, 0, 2}, {j,
0, 2}, {k, 0, 2}]];

dataf = ReadList["C:\\Debug\\ForRegression.txt",
Number, RecordLists -> True];

datafromfile = Transpose[dataf];

RegResult = Regress[dataf, polynomial, {x, y, z}]

I am getting error
"Regress::mindata: The number of parameters to be
estimated is greater than or 
equal to the number of data points.  Subsequent
results may be misleading.

DesignedRegress::rank: Warning: the rank of the design
matrix is 25, less \
than full rank 27. Only 25 of the 27 basis functions
are needed to provide \
this fit. Try using a different model or greater

Kindly help me fix the problem

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