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RE: Re: Re: deleting a title or subtitle in a notebook

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  • Subject: [mg73917] RE: [mg73889] Re: [mg73821] Re: deleting a title or subtitle in a notebook
  • From: "Virgilio, Vincent - SSD" <Vincent.Virgilio at>
  • Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007 01:00:25 -0500 (EST)

An observation that might address the problem: Some stylesheets hide
cell brackets in one environment, e.g. Presentation, but display them in
another, e.g. Working. (And it is simpler to switch environments than to
modify individual cell styles.)

Vince Virgilio

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The most probable answer seems to me to be that whoever designed these
styles thought that an invisible bracket looked better in a title or
subtitle. (I tend to agree with this). If tha tis so,  the question
should be why none has felt it necessary to document at least one of the
various ways of dealing with the problem or deleting such a cell or
changing it to a different type.

Andrzej Kozlowski

On 1 Mar 2007, at 12:16, grzz_76 at wrote:

> Thank you for all the suggestions. The one suggested by Andrzej
> Kozlowski does work, as do many of the other options (including
> changing the Style back to the default one to reveal the brackets.)
> So, my next question is, why does this action require all of these
> intermediate steps? It seems that deleting a Title or subtitle cell
> should be as easy (1-step) as deleting any of the others (in other
> words, why aren't those brackets revealed in the Title/Subtitle
> cells?)
> Thanks for all who responded.
> On Feb 28, 4:02 am, Andrzej Kozlowski <a... at> wrote:
>> I suggested a much simpler (in my opinion) approach: just clicking
>> anywhere in the cell that does not display a bracket and choosing
>> Show Expression form the Format menu. The bracket will then appear. I

>> have been using this mehtod for years. I am curious that this
>> suggestion is being ignored; is there anything wrong with it?
>> Andrzej Kozlowski
>> On 27 Feb 2007, at 11:45, Murray Eisenberg wrote:
>>> In considering my response further, another possibility occurred to
>>> me:
>>> You are using a notebook StyleSheet in which Title and Subtitle
>>> cells do not display their cell brackets at all.
>>> In that case, you could temporarily change the Style Sheet back to a

>>> default style that does show those brackets, delete the cell, and
>>> then restore the Style Sheet you want.  Of course do this ONLY if
>>> you are using a saved, separate Style Sheet rather than an imported
>>> copy that you have modified.
>>> Murray Eisenberg wrote:
>>>> Are you saying that when, with the notebook open in the Front End,
>>>> you select the bracket for a cell -- whatever style the cell might
>>>> be
>>>> -- and
>>>> use Delete, the cell does not get deleted?
>>>> Even if, by accident, you changed the cell's properties to Not
>>>> Editable (in the Cell menu), Mathematica would still let you delete

>>>> it.
>>>> Could you have changed the cell's properties using the Option
>>>> Inspector by any chance?  That allows you to mark the cell as not
>>>> Deletable.  To check on this, select the cell.  Open the Option
>>>> Inspector (from Cell menu, select Option Inspector).  Expand the
>>>> section "Cell Options" in the Option Inspector's large lower
>>>> window.  Under the Cell Options
>>>> category, expand the "General Properties" section.   The fourth
>>>> entry in
>>>> the expanded list will be Deletable.  See whether that is set at
>>>> its default value of True; if not, change it to True.  Click the
>>>> Apply button and close the Option Inspector.  YOu should now be
>>>> able to delete the cell.
>>>> grzz... at wrote:
>>>>> How do you delete a cell that was converted to a title or subtitle

>>>>> in a Mathematica notebook? I'm astonished how difficult it is to
>>>>> find the answer to this seemingly simple task!! I've tried
>>>>> changing the style, using the Delete button, but nothing seems to
>>>>> work!
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