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Re: How to get the options for ListPlot in V6

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  • Subject: [mg82960] Re: How to get the options for ListPlot in V6
  • From: "David Park" <djmpark at>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 04:58:28 -0500 (EST)
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This is just another case where Mathematica graphics is messing around with 
what is displayed in a plot but not leaving a public record of it. It is 
very poor practice on the part of WRI. There were certainly many brilliant 
advances in Version 6 graphics but precise control of ticks and the internal 
bypassing of options is not one of them.

Here is your case again. Clearly, PlotRange and AxesOrigin do not reflect 
the displayed plot.

test1list = Sin[2 \[Pi] Range[0, 1, .1]] + 10;
plot1 =
AbsoluteOptions[plot1, {PlotRange, AxesOrigin}]

However, if we put almost anything in the plot that requires absolute 
coordinates then the options will reflect the displayed plot. For example, 
we can use Filling.

plot1 = ListPlot[test1list, Filling -> 10]
AbsoluteOptions[plot1, {PlotRange, AxesOrigin}]

Or we could use Tooltips.

plot1 = ListPlot[Tooltip@test1list]
AbsoluteOptions[plot1, {PlotRange, AxesOrigin}]

Probably the best solution is to use DataRange.

plot1 = ListPlot[test1list, DataRange -> Automatic]
AbsoluteOptions[plot1, {PlotRange, AxesOrigin}]

Another solution is to give an explicit PlotRange.

plot1 = ListPlot[test1list, PlotRange -> {{0, 11}, {9, 11}}]
AbsoluteOptions[plot1, {PlotRange, AxesOrigin}]

However, if we specify only the vertical PlotRange then the horizontal 
PlotRange is still incorrect.

plot1 = ListPlot[test1list, PlotRange -> {9, 11}]
AbsoluteOptions[plot1, {PlotRange, AxesOrigin}]

Nor does specifying the AxesOrigin correct the PlotRange.


I don't think there is a reasonable explanation for this behavior from the 
standpoint of a user interface. It is just poor code and poor design.

David Park
djmpark at

"Aranthon" <a.dwarf at> wrote in message 
news:fghbjr$iu1$1 at
> Hello all,
> I apologize if this has been discussed here already, but I couldn't
> find anything in the archives,
> I'm trying to write a function that manipulates the results of a
> ListPlot automatically, and to do so, I need to know the option values
> for PlotRange and AxesOrigin.  Unfortunately, the results from
> AbsoluteOptions aren't making a lot of sense - the value for PlotRange
> is set to {{0,1},{0,1}}, and AxesOrigin is {0,0}, regardless of the
> actual values.
> For example:
> test = ListPlot[Sin[2 \[Pi] Range[0, 1, 0.1]] + 10]
> produces a plot where x ranges from 0 to 2 pi and y varies from 9 to
> 11.  But
> AbsoluteOptions[test, PlotRange]
> returns {PlotRange -> {{0., 1.}, {0., 1.}}}
> If I load the Version5`Graphics` package, it works fine, so I'm
> wondering what changed in V6, and what Options I should be looking at
> to get the right answers.
> Thanks in advance for any replies,
> Greg

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