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more issues with v.6.0.1

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: [mg83426] more issues with v.6.0.1
  • From: sean_incali <sean_incali at>
  • Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 03:50:24 -0500 (EST)

Ok, I think my install is messed up.  maybe I should order a cd
instead of downloading.

issue 1. help browser which isn't giving me the old browser.(addons do
not show up still)

issue 2. image size changing from golden ratio to square to rectangle.
(appears to have no pettern)

If I reevaluate a code made in v5 in v 6, the plotted image is resized
even though it's set at automatic. Changingthe imagesize to 400 does

ParametricPlot[Evaluate[Table[{(b c y-a y^n+c y^(1+n))/(b+y^n),y},{a,
>Automatic,FrameTicks->Automatic, ImageSize-> Automatic]


d = 0.1;
c = 1;
b = 10;
n = 5;
 Evaluate[Table[{(b c y - a y^n + c y^(1 + n))/(b + y^n), y}, {a, 0,
    2.7, 0.1}]], {y, 0, 3}, PlotRange -> All,
 PlotStyle -> Table[Hue[(i + 5)/10], {i, 10}],
 PlotStyle -> Table[Hue[(i + 5)/6], {i, 6}], Frame -> True,
 FrameStyle -> Automatic, FrameTicks -> Automatic,
 ImageSize -> Automatic]

issue 3. image doesn't get rendered when resized manually using the
It works when i click oj the image and the image is highlighted in
orange. but not all graphics are highlighted with orange, but some are
in black lik ein v5. Those graphics do not rerender when I resize

issue 4. kernel does not show up on the taskbar when evaluation

issue 5. v6 seems to be much slower than v5.

Timing[] for the code up there in v5 is around 0.03 second and for v6
it is around 0.591 seconds.

Now... is my install gone bad? Should I order the cd and reinstall? Or
are these issues what others are also expreiencing?

Thanks for any info in adavnce.


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