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Re: addons in Mathematica 6???

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  • Subject: [mg83462] Re: addons in Mathematica 6???
  • From: David Reiss <dbreiss at>
  • Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 02:47:09 -0500 (EST)
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A simple function that will open the legacy HelpBrowser is


and this can be put in a simple palette that one can use to get access
to the legacy HelpBrowser directly.

Or one could edit the file to add this to the Help menu.

For example here is one way to do it as a palette...

  Button["Legacy Help Browser",
   BaseStyle -> {FontFamily -> "Helvetica", FontSize -> 10,
     FontWeight -> "Bold"}, Appearance -> "Palette"],
  ShowStringCharacters -> False, WindowTitle -> "Help!"

In the development version of A WorkLife FrameWork there are tools for
translating your legacy help browser notebooks into ones that will be
recognized by the Documentation center.  This will appear in the next

Hope this helps...

A WorkLife FrameWork
E x t e n d i n g MATHEMATICA's Reach...


On Nov 20, 4:15 am, "David Park" <djmp... at> wrote:
> Use Menu, Help, Documentation Center. Towards the bottom right of the page
> you should see an Installed Add-Ons link. Click that and you should see your
> packages.
> If you don't see your packages it is probably because you don't have them in
> your private Mathematica/Applications folder. Evaluate $BaseDirectory or
> $UserBaseDirectory to find that folder and move the packages there.
> The new Documentation Center system generally suffers from Index pages that
> are not dense enough. For a given grouping of commands they often show only
> the most common ones and then the user has to click to another index page to
> obtain a full list. WRI could organize the index pages to have more Function
> links on them, perhaps making the more common ones slightly more prominant.
> It would also be nice if the Documentation Center had an Index page for all
> the standard packages that WRI supplies with Mathematica. And as long as the
> old Help Browser is around it would be nice if the Help menu had an entry to
> directly bring it up instead of having to detour through the Documentation
> Center.
> --
> David Park
> djmp... at comcast.net
> "sean_incali" <sean_inc... at> wrote in message
> news:fhrs45$5lj$1 at
> > hey everyone.
> > Ok so I  just installed Mathematica 6, and I really harte th help browser.
> > Is
> > it just me?  What hapened to all my custom addon files that I've spent
> > literally hours to build?
> > How do I get my addons back into Mathematica 6's help browser???
> > thanks for any info.
> > sean
> > ps. i'll be coming back for more questions about Mathematica 6 soon. I'm
> > sure.
> > so bear with me

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