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PlotLabel - SubscriptBox - Vers. 6: FontColor not working?

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  • Subject: [mg83646] PlotLabel - SubscriptBox - Vers. 6: FontColor not working?
  • From: Thomas BOHL <Thomas.Bohl at>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 06:10:50 -0500 (EST)

Dear all,

switching over to Mathematica Version 6 ( on Linux x86 (SLC4) I 
have a number of problems which I did not have with previous versions of 
Mathematica. One is the following:

ListPlot[Table[Random[], {10}],
AxesLabel -> {Style["Subscript[f, RF]", \
FontSlant->Plain, FontColor->Red],Style[ \
"y-axis", FontColor->Red]} ]

... does not produce an x axis label as expected. What I would expect is
a label with a the FontSlant as indicated and of FontColor as indicated.

However, the label is written with "f" in italic, the subscript in plain
and both in a colour of light grey.

The y axis label (no Subscript) is as expected.

With the same code on Windows XP at least the FontColor is as specified,
the FontSlant is also here not as specified (but I could live with that
if I have to).

In summary there are two problems for me with Subscript (on Linux):
- the FontSlant specification is not working
- the FontColor specification is not working

Could somebody please give me hint how to get at least FontColor working
on Linux?

Thank you very much and kind regards,

1)The result of a cell command (not as label)

Style["Subscript[f, RF]",\

is of correct FontSlant but the FontColor is still incorrect and using
the same Mathematica expression in a label changes the FontSlant of the
letter "f" to italic and the FontColor is of course still wrong (light

Also LabelStyle->Red does not change the colour of a subscripted expression.

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