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Re: export eps

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  • Subject: [mg90750] Re: export eps
  • From: AES <siegman at>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 05:56:01 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: Stanford University
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In article <g64466$dim$1 at>,
 "David Park" <djmpark at> wrote:

> ContourPlot[Sin[x*y], {x, -Pi, Pi}, {y, -Pi, Pi}]
> using the Print to Adobe PDF printer, with Adobe Acrobat 8, I obtain a file 
> that is 49 KB in size.
> The Mathematica SaveAs .pdf command produces huge files of very poor 
> quality. For example, for another test I did with a small notebook, the 
> SaveAs command produced a pdf file of 1,762 KB (and very poor quality) 
> compared to 85 KB for the Print to Adobe PDF command.
> I don't know why that is.
> -- 
> David Park

David, could you give a bit more detail about the sequence of steps 
you're following here?  

In particular, are you starting with an existing PDF file already on 
your hard disk (which came from Mathematica originally somehow, and is 
"bad"); opening that PDF file in Acrobat; then Printing it to PDF, from 
Acrobat, into a _new_ (and good) PDF file?

Or are you Printing to a PDF file _from Mathematica  itself_ to get the 
good file?

In my case, I'm on a Mac.  On a Mac, you can print an open document to a 
PDF file from almost any Mac application (including Mathematica), using 
a print to PDF capability which I believe is part of the Mac OS, and is 
called or used by all these applications.

But, this built-in Mac capability can not be used from Acrobat (Acrobat 
7 in my case) -- it's disabled.  Instead, Acrobat just tells me to use 
the Acrobat "Fo\ile >> Save" menu command -- and I'm skeptical that just 
Saving a bad file that was Opened in Acrobat will convert it into a good 
file, or change it in any way.

And I'm not finding any other "Print to PDF" command elsewhere in the 
version of Acrobat on my Mac . . . ?  (There is a "Reduce File Size" 
command -- but I my impression is that it mostly strips out stuff having 
to do with earlier versions of PDF, or duplicate stuff, and is not 
sophisticated enough to dig within 3D graphics content and eliminate 
duplicate polygons.)

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