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Re: ListPointPlot3D colors from data

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  • Subject: [mg99379] Re: ListPointPlot3D colors from data
  • From: dh <dh at>
  • Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 06:01:24 -0400 (EDT)
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Hi Karl,

you may do this using the ColorFunction option of ListPointPlot.

Towards this aim you must:

1) ensure that F receives actual and not scaled coordinates. This is 

done by the option: ColorFunctionScaling -> False

2) The color function "Hue" takes an argument in the range 0..1. 

Therefore you must scale the output of F to this range.

Here is an example:


F[x_, y_, z_] := RandomReal[{-1, 1}];

d = Flatten[Table[{x, y, z}, {x, 0, 3}, {y, 0, 3}, {z, 0, 3}], 2];

ListPointPlot3D[d, ColorFunctionScaling -> False,

  ColorFunction -> (Hue[0.5 + 0.5 F[##]] &)]



karl.lefty at wrote:

> Hello all,


> I have an array of data, with four columns. Each row consists of an X,

> Y, Z position, and a value for the data sample from that position F

> (X,Y,Z)  [where F is not a analytical function, but an experimental

> sample value from that position]. What I would like is to plot the

> points using something like ListPointPlot3D, with the color of the

> point being determined by the value from the fourth column F(X, Y, Z).

> How can I do this with Mathematica 7?


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